Sexy Dress Battle: Choi Yeo Jin vs Suzy

Recently on the cable channel FashionN’s “Follow Me,” MC Choi Yeo Jin showed off her perfect body in a sexy red dress. This French brand dress has a sexy slit on the front, and has been worn by various actresses such as Shin Min Ah, Moon Geun Young, and Suzy.

When the beauty consultant and co-host of the show Doh Yoon Bum caught the sight of Choi Yeo Jin, he could not stop himself from admiring her. Unlike Suzy, who made the dress look prim and girly, Choi Yeo Jin was able to make it look daring and suggestive.

Choi Yeo Jin stated, “With this dress, I wanted to emphasize elegance and grace. Today’s fashion concept is a rich private school girl look.” To this, comedian Huh Ahn Nah joked, “You actually look like a bully from a private school.”