Eugene Looks Stunning in a Wedding Dress for Upcoming Drama

On December 21, teaser stills from MBC’s upcoming new drama “One Hundred Years’ Legacy” were released.

“One Hundred Years’ Legacy” will tell a story of Chae Won (Eugene) who marries a rich man Chul Gyu (played by actor Choi Won Young) despite the strong objections from his mother. Chae Won, who at first believed she will have a happy marriage, ends up being miserable because of her angry mother-in-law. The released stills represent happy memories of Chae Won on her wedding day.

In the pictures is Eugene looking beautiful in a white wedding dress. Staffs from the shoot later revealed that Eugene was able to perfectly portray a blushing yet hopeful bride.

“One Hundred Years’ Legacy,” which is to succeed “May Queen,” will air its first episode on January 5, 2013.