Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Teaser Photo For Comeback Revealed

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun‘s teaser image was just revealed today!

On December 22, the teaser image was first uploaded on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage website. In the photo, Seohyun is styled in a unique vintage, punk look that gave fans big clues about what the next concept will be for Girls’ Generation’s new album. So far, this has been the most different and unexpected concept theme apart from what Girls’ Generation has done before. 

Girls’ Generation first announced news of the comeback on December 21 with release of the music video for their new track “Dancing Queen,” now available on their official YouTube channel. It is a remake of Duffy’s Grammy-nominated single “Mercy.” As soon as the track was released, it has been quickly ascending music ranking charts ever since. 

Girls’ Generation has been receiving much love from their fans for their adorable and sweet charms on full display in their new music video. The title track for their new album will be “I Got A Boy,” which is being hotly anticipated by fans.