Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” All Photo Teasers Revealed + Taeyeon’s D-10 Video Message

SM Entertainment revealed all nine photo teasers for Girls’ Generation‘ upcoming 4th album “I Got a Boy” on their Facebook on December 21.

Previously, SM had released just Hyoyeon and Seohyun‘s teaser photos but recently released the rest of the member’s photos on their official Facebook.

In all the photos the members show their individual charms in this colorful photo set. All the members have splashes of color in their hair and everything from their outfits to the set is bright and eye-popping. What is also noticeable is that their clothes are more revealing and sexier than their previous concepts.

SM also released a special video message from Taeyeon for the upcoming album. In the video Taeyeon asks the viewers if they have seen the new “Dancing Queen” video that was also released recently and that all the members will have a special video message to countdown to January 1 when the album will be released.

Check out the pictures and video below!