Hyun Young Reveals: “My S-line Pose Is Now Giving Me Spinal Problems”

Entertainer Hyun Young recently made a surprising confession that due to her S-line, she developed spinal issues. 

On December 21, the actress made a guest appearance on SBS‘s “Go Show,” along with other guests such as Jun Hyun Moo, Park Eun Ji and Boom

Hyun Young began by saying, “I am the original S-line model. It later caught on and became a hot trend for women to have a visible S-line. Wherever I went, I was asked to strike the S-line pose, which required me to arch my back unnaturally. Then one day I was diagnosed with a spinal problem on a healthcare program. I learned that the quickest way to get a spinal injury was to perform the S-line pose.” With that, Hyun Young demonstrated the ever popular S-line pose.