“SR-GD-DS:” Seungri, G-Dragon and Daesung Look Cool in All White

Big Bang‘s Daesung, Seungri and G-Dragon unveiled a brand new photo of themselves.

On December 23, Seungri upload a photo of himself and his other two members posing together on his Twitter Page. The singer also added a short caption, “SR-GD-DS,” which are the initials of the three member’s names.  In the image, the three signers are seen wearing matching white outfits. Even thought they are similar clothes, each of their personalities can be revealed through their facial expressions. Seungri flashes a pretty smile, while Daesung smiles innocently. G-Dragon makes a funny and weird pose.

The viewers commented, “They look really cool wearing all white,” “Seungri and Daesung look like innocent kids” and “I love their big smiles.. Makes me feel happy too!”