PSY Dances His Horse Dance in Front of President Obama

International star PSY performed “Gangnam Style” in front of President Obama on December 9. The performance was broadcast on American cable channel TNT on December 21 for the “Christmas in Washington” special. He also performed alongside Diana Ross, Megan Hilty, Demi Lovato and Scotty McCreery. 

The concert benefits the Children’s National Medical Center, and the President of the United States and his family attend the annual event.

The rapper initially confused the audience by singing “The Christmas Song” in a rather off-key manner before saying, “No No No No. This is not the reason why I’m here. Let’s dance everybody, C’mon!” and broke out into the ever popular horse dance to “Gangnam Style.” He changed the words of the song to “Christmas Style” and “Santa Baby” for the special occasion. 

The camera panned across President Obama, his wife Michelle,and daughters Natasha and Malia to show their delighted reaction at the sudden twist. Afterwards, PSY had the chance to have a word with President Obama and his family.

In an interview with “Hollywood Reporter,” President Obama had this to say about PSY’s song, “Although I can dance ‘Gangnam Style’ very well, the ladies at home get embarrassed when they see me do it. So I don’t attempt it anymore.”

Check out the performance clip below!