Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Leaves a Special D-9 Video Message

It seems that SM Entertainment is doing its best to get fans excited for the upcoming Girls’ Generation 4th Album “I Got a Boy.” After releasing individual and group photos and the D-10 Taeyeon‘s special video message, SM has just released Yuri‘s special video message to mark D-9 before the album is released on January 1.

In the video Yuri gives her greetings as the second member to give a video message. Like Taeyeon did in her video, Yuri asks if the viewer has already seen the “Dancing Queen” music video. To enhance the enjoyment of the video Yuri teaches the viewer how to do the “cat move”, the point of the choreography of “Dancing Queen”.

At the end of the video she says, “Please show lots of love not only to ‘Dancing Queen’ but to our new album, ‘I got a boy’.”

Check out the video below and check Soompi for the rest of the girls’ video messages!