Super Junior’s Choi Si Won Thanks Fans For Providing Snacks For His Drama Staff

Super Junior‘s Choi Si Won recently took a proof shot of the snacks the fans had lovingly prepared for the drama staff to show his sincere gratitude.

On December 22, he tweeted, “Thank you so, so much. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Next time, no matter how busy you are please show us your faces so we can thank you in person,” and uploaded the following proof shot. 

The handsome actor had someone take a photo of him standing next to the boxes of treats in a classy black turtleneck, black slacks and his hair parted in a style reminiscent of the 80’s Hollywood trend. 

Netizens who saw the candid photo of the actor smiling pleasantly next to the treats commented, “He really goes the extra step in showing fans how sincerely thankful he is for their thoughtful gifts. You can tell,” “I think no matter what Choi Si Won wears, he seems like a celebrity” and “Fighting! Please continue to make entertaining dramas for us to watch!” 

Choi Si Won currently plays the fictional character of top star actor Kang Hyun Min in SBS drama “The King Of Dramas.”