Lizzy Transforms into an Adorable Santa Girl

On her Twitter in the afternoon of December 23, After School’s Lizzy uploaded two photos along with a message, “Everyone, only two days before Christmas. Merry Christmas in advance! Hope you have a warm Christmas.”

In the picture is Lizzy looking adorable with a red jacket and a white hat. In the first picture, Lizzy is smiling brightly, while in the second photo, she has a pouty expression.

Netizens who saw these pictures admired, “Lizzy is adorable as a Santa girl,” “Where can I meet Lizzy the Santa girl?” “Merry Christmas to you too,” “What are your plans for Christmas?” “You pictures make me smile,” “Lizzy has such beautiful skin,” “Lizzy looks so great in the pictures.”

Meanwhile, Lizzy is currently playing the role of Yuri in MBC’s drama “Rascal Sons.”