“Little BoA” Jeon Min Joo Gets Mixed Reviews on “K-Pop Star”

The ranking audition looks to have a cloudy outlook, as Jeon Min Joo known as, little BoA, received mixed reviews.

On December 23, the final ranking audition was held for SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season Two.” Each team gave stunning performances on this day.

Jeon Min Joo, who is also known as Little BoA, performed Britney Spears“Toxic.” Her confident presentation – both singing and dancing – attracted much attention. 

Upon observing the stage, Yang Hyun Seok, started with a positive feedback, stating, “Jeon Min Joo’s expression is really good. You know how to dance very competently.” While on the other hand, Park Jin Young expressed, “You sing and dance very well, but I can’t seem to pick out your strength. It appears you’re weak as a soloist and I’m not sure what kind of charm you have for a group.”

Expectations rise as to whether or not Jeon Min Joo will move onto the next round despite the staggered feedback.