Pledis Entertainment to Debut 17-Member Boy Band Seventeen

A 17 member boy group will soon debut.

Home to hot artists such as Son Dam Bi, After School, Orange Caramel and NU’EST, Pledis Entertainment, is set to debut a 17 member, global idol group called Seventeen.

Pledis Entertainment released a teaser clip called “Seventeen TV” on its YouTube channel on December 17, which revealed that the group will debut next year.

Seventeen consists of 17 members, whose average age is indeed, 17 years old. They will be promoting both in Korea and overseas as well.

Sources from Pledis spoke with Star News on December 24 and said, “Seventeen will debut next year and we will also reveal the process of their debut through a reality show,” and “The group also has Chinese members, which will strengthen their overseas promotion abilities.”

Pledis revealed that Seventeen will debut in Korea first and then spread out their promotions in China and Japan at the same time. Since the group consists of 17 members, the group will split into 3 different units to promote in Korea, China and Japan at the same time.

Pledis Entertainment hopes to create a new genre of “Asia Pop” through this new group. “Seventeen TV” will show the members of Seventeen going through their training and debut preparations as well as their everyday lives.