“I Miss You” Child Actress Kim So Hyun Is A Lovely Lady for “Nylon”

Child actress Kim So Hyun transformed into a lovely lady for a recent photo spread for the January edition of the fashion magazine, “Nylon.”

Kim So Hyun recently posed and sat down for an interview for “Nylon” magazine. Famous for resembling actress Son Ye Jin, the lovely Kim So Hyun displayed her beauty with a lovely pastel look. The photo of her skirt and flats especially made her seem like a lovely ballerina.

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, Kim So Hyun was asked about her ideal type. She answered, “I like guys who are laid back and funny, also guys who take care of me well.” She picked her “I Miss You” and “Rooftop Prince” co-star Park Yoo Chun as her ideal type.

She continued, “I may seem older for my age but I still haven’t dated anyone yet so acting in a melodrama is the most difficult for me.” She also said, “I like soy bean stew more than pizza and sad ballads more than fast idol songs.”

This photo spread and interview can be found in the January edition of “Nylon.”