DBSK’s Changmin Confirmed as Fixed Cast Member on Kang Ho Dong’s New Show

DBSK‘s Changmin was officially confirmed as a fixed cast member of Kang Ho Dong‘s new entertainment program with KBS

On December 24, Changmin’s agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed the news with TV Daily in their own words, “Changmin will be cast as a fixed member of Kang Ho Dong’s new entertainment program.”

This will be Changmin’s first casting as part of an entertainment program since his 2004 debut with DBSK. Sources from the insiders say many hold high expectations for the singer now entertainer.

Joining Kang Ho Dong’s production team for his new entertainment program is PD Lee Ye Ji from “Hello” and writer Moon Eun Ae from “Knee Drop Guru.” A specific concept for the new entertainment program has yet be revealed. 

The film crew and staff have begun casting members for the entertainment program, one by one starting with Changmin and expect to air the first episode someone in January.