Beautiful Kim Tae Hee Had Skin Problems in the Past?

Looks like people can’t stop trying to dig up “not so beautiful” pictures of Kim Tae Hee, although it’s a hard thing to do.

Recently, an online community forum posted a picture of the actress under the title “Her face blemishes during her days at Seoul National University.” The picture is from around the year 2000 and shows that Kim Tae Hee hasn’t changed much since her school days. She has her hair up in a half pony tail and has on a magenta shirt underneath a checkered shirt. There are two red circles on the photo highlighting her barely visible pimples.

Netizens who saw her college picture commented, “She’s still pretty even with blemishes,” “Kim Tae Hee is also a human,” “Make up is so important,” and more.

Soompiers, do you enjoy netizens digging up past pictures of celebrities or should they give it a rest?