Perpetrator Who Released Sori’s Nude Photos Has Been Caught!

It’s been previously reported that nude photos of singer Sori has been leaked and it has quickly circulated around the internet. The person who first posted the pictures has been caught. It turned out the photos were taken with her cell phone, which she lost 2-3 weeks ago.

On December 24, a representative from her company stated, “The original circulator contacted the company first this past Saturday night. We met the person (gender not specified) and the parents and received her lost phone along with a written apology of the leak.”

The same individual continued, “After finding out the person who leaked her private pictures is an underage student and has sincerely apologized, she is not planning to take further legal action.”

With the recent news, and the fact that she’s not well known, quite a few netizens have expressed that her company orchestrated this event as “noise marketing,” but her agency refuted the claim.

Meanwhile, Sori will be dropping her new digital single “Duel Life” in January.