Uee Treats “Jeon Woo Chi” Staff with Christmas Gifts

After School’s Uee treated staff members of her KBS drama “Jeon Woo Chi” with Christmas presents.

On December 23, Uee posted on her m2day, “Merry Christmas in advance everyone! The weather has become so cold. But let’s remember to wear these: toe socks, gloves and a jumper. With the help from ‘H:CONNECT,’ I gave the staff of Jeon Woo Chi Christmas presents which I’m so happy about! Fighting ‘Jeon Woo Chi!’”

With frequent outdoor filming, actors and staff members are having a hard time but to relieve of their tough hardships, Uee surprised the staff with daily essentials for the cold weather. She gave the present to each and everyone individually, something the people were very thankful for.