Kara’s Park Gyuri Takes Care of Her Fans with Thoughtful Gift

Park Gyuri, resident goddess and leader of girl group Kara, surprised her fans with drinks as presents.

On December 23, she successfully transformed into a hot tango goddess at SBS’s music program “Inkigayo.” Many fans waited in a line in front of the building until they were allowed to get in to watch Park Gyuri’s solo performance.

Park Gyuri shared her concerns on her twitter, “It’s really cold today. I wonder just how much the people who waited to watch the performance today were shivering.” It’s been revealed that she bought 120 warm drinks as a kind gesture for the fans and personally delivered the thoughtful gifts.

Fans who received drinks from Park Gyuri took pictures of the gifts and posted it on their respective social networking sites. Park Gyuri saw their mentions and shared on her twitter, “I’m moved because of everyone. I was happy.”