Actress Soo Ae Donates $93,000 and Joins the Honor Society

On December 24, actress Soo Ae donated approximately $93,000 USD to charity and joined the Honor Society as the 200th member. The Honor Society is a group that only accepts those who make large donations to public charities.

Soo Ae stated, “I know the importance of helping others in need, and so have been making small donations. This year, when I was trying to decide where I should make my donations, I learned about the Honor Society.”

Soo Ae, who grew up in Bong Cheon city of Seoul, added, “I hope that my donation can be used to help underprivileged children living in Bong Cheon city. This is a small way of showing my appreciation for all the love and support I received from everyone.”

Meanwhile, there are other celebrities who are also members of the Honor Society, including Hyun Young.