Kim Jong Kook Was Known as the Disciplinarian of the Group?

Eun Ji Won recently revealed that Kim Jong Kook was the discipline leader.

In the MBC variety talk show “Come to Play” that aired on December 24, Eun Ji Won stimulated the audience’s curiosity when he commented, “I used to get goosebumps whenever I saw Kim Jong Kook.”

During the episode, Kim Jong Kook started to explain the rumor about him being the disciplinarian of the group, when Eun Ji Won interrupted and said, “Kim Jong Kook almost killed me one time when I was a singer in the male group Sechs Kies. One day, Kim Jong Kook came into the room where I was getting ready to go on stage. I was in the middle of putting on makeup, and I couldn’t greet him. Kim Jong Kook got mad and rushed out slamming the door shut behind him.”

Eun Ji Won also added to the audience’s curiosity by stating, “After the incident, Kim Jong Kook asked me to come see him. When I went to the backstage room to talk with him, he was sitting perched up on the chair as if he was the boss.”

The rest of the stories are revealed on the show so don’t miss it~!!