2AM’s Seulong Goes Grocery Shopping for His Christmas Party

2AM‘s Seulong recently took a selca of himself grocery shopping for a Christmas feast.

On December 23, Seulong tweeted, “I’m grocery shopping for Christmas Day! I’m going to be learning how to cook from one of my closest friends Kim Tae Sung” and shared the following photo. 

Dressed in comfy clothes, with sunglasses to shade his eyes like a celebrity that he is, Seulong looked tall and handsome while tending to his groceries. 

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “How amazing would it be to run into Seulong while grocery shopping??,” “You must be in the midst of throwing a Christmas party at home!” and “Wherever you’ll find Seulong, he can’t hide his celebrity status. It’s just the way he stands.”

In other news, 2AM will be releasing their first Japanese album in January.