2AM’s Jo Kwon Attends Christmas Party of Childhood Idol

2AM‘s Jo Kwon recently shared a photo of the Christmas party he threw with his idol Lee Jung Hyun

On December 24, Jo Kwon tweeted, “A couple of days ago, something happened to me as if it were a dream. I was invited to a party thrown by my idol Lee Jung Hyun. When I got there I thought my heart was pounding from being nervous. I deeply respect Jung Hyun as a serious artist. Santa, thank you!!” and he uploaded the following photo. 

Jo Kwon’s cheerful face could be spotted alongside various other celebrities that had gathered for Lee Jung Hyun’s Christmas party. 

Jo Kwon sang Lee Jung Hyun’s “Come On” in 2001 on SBS‘s “Young Jae Yoo Sung Project 99 Percent Challenge.”

Netizens who saw the home party photo commented, “Jo Kwon looks more casual at a home party,” “Jo Kwon looks adorable attending the Christmas party of his idol,” and “I wish I could attend a Christmas party with Jo Kwon!”