Park Jin Young Tweets about Netizen who Harassed Suzy

A netizen tweeted photos to miss A’s Suzy of her her cardboard cut-out getting sexually violated by a man. This became a huge issue in online communities, and JYP Entertainment has decided to take the case to court.

Regarding his affiliated artist, Park Jin Young tweeted, “I pity him. All men are pure, yet wrong actions must be punished. Why would he do anything like that to a young girl? Perhaps he, himself is in pain that he wants to violate others to forget about his own pain. What a poor person. I pity him,” on December 24

Meanwhile, in the tweeted pictures, Suzy is inappropriately touched, and the man mounts on a cardboard of Suzy, depicting him having sex with the celebrity. Considering Suzy’s minor age, JYP Entertainment reported the netizen to the Cyber Terror Response Center.