Park Yoo Chun and the “I Miss You” Staff Enjoy a Break from Filming due to Christmas Snowfall

The shoot must go on…even if it is Christmas.

I Miss You” star, Park Yoo Chun of JYJ, spent a white Christmas on the set of the drama. 

On December 25, an agent for C-Jes Entertainment announced, “On Christmas day, we will continue shooting the drama, ‘I Miss You.’ We started filming on December 24 until the early morning hours of Christmas, but we had to stop in the middle for a while because snow started to fall. During the break, the crew and Park Yoo Chun had spare time to enjoy a white Christmas.”

In the revealed photo, Park Yoo Chun flashes a charming smile with the snow falling in the background. In another photo, he is seen huddled around the crew under a big umbrella as the snow starts to fall. The staff said Park Yoo Chun resembled a prince from a fairy tale.

A spokesman said, “Despite the cold and harsh filming set environment, we made a few special memories due to the unexpected white Christmas. Park Yoo Chun looked like a little kid taking a picture beside the Christmas tree. He and the film crew also had a big snowball fight.”