Joo Won Will Act Special Bridal Mask Performance at “2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards”

On December 25, an official from KBS announced, “Actor Joo Won will be re-enacting the unforgettable scene from the drama ‘Bridal Mask’ at the ‘2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards.’”

Joo Won has gained a lot of popularity from playing the main role in the recent beloved drama “Bridal Mask.”

The scene from the “Bridal Mask” Joo Won plans to perform involves people wearing the bridal masks and shouting, “Hooray for the Independence to Korea.” The OST “Judgement Day,” which was sung by Joo Won himself, will also be part of this performance. A choir and the famous tenor singer Lee Jung Hyun will appear as special guests as well.

Meanwhile, ‘2012 KBS Drama Acting Awards’ will be aired on December 31, 2012.