Couple Photo of Song Hye Gyo and Tony Leung for Their Upcoming Chinese Movie Is Released

On December 24, a new still from the upcoming Chinese Movie “The Grandmasters” was released. “The Grandmasters” has been directed by the well-known director Wong Kar-wai and is to tell the story of the legendary martial arts grandmaster Yip Man.

In the picture is actor Tony Leung as Yip Man and the Korean actress Song Hye Gyo as his wife. Song Hye Gyo is wearing a beautiful traditional Qipao and is leaning against Tony Leung intimately. With their peaceful expressions, they look like a real loving couple.

Song Hye Gyo has already shown a sample of her elegance in the movie teaser that was released previously.

Meanwhile “The Grandmasters,” which took three years to complete, will be released in China on January 8, 2013.