B.A.P Wishes Fans a Merry Christmas with Handwritten Letters

On December 24 on the official fan café, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment released the Christmas letters written by the members.

Each member showed off unique and creative penmanship. The neatest writing was done by Him Chan, who had already received attention previously for his clean handwriting. Leader Bang Yong Guk also showed off equally well-done penmanship, while Jong Up displayed his creative side by drawing in a Christmas tree.

On the other hand, Zelo and Young Jae’s writings were found to be rather scribbly unlike their immaculate and cool appearances.

Meanwhile, rookie group B.A.P has been receiving a lot of attention due to their talents and growing number of loyal fans. They have received numerous rookie awards this year, and are currently recognized as the up-and-coming artists not only in Korea but also in Germany as well.