IU Speaks Up for The First Time since Eunhyuk Photo Scandal

IU has recently updated her fans with a Christmas message.

On December 25, IU made a post on her fan cafe with the title, “Merry Christmas.” This was the first time she spoke to her fans since the photo scandal with Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk on November 10.

IU wrote, “How is everyone doing? U Ai Na (IU’s fan club name)~ It was so frustrating to shut my door so tightly for all this time. It’s a white Christmas. But of course, I didn’t go outside.”

She continued, “It was so frustrating because I really wanted to write a post. But because of what happened, I learned that there are more things to do than comment on news articles and people’s posts when there is nothing else to do,” and “My U Ai Na, you all probably lost much weight because your hearts were suffering – I’m sorry. And even though I’m the one who caused the trouble, I actually gained weight so I’m sorrier.”

IU went on, “Because today is Christmas! Because this is U Ai Na! I thought this would be the right time? I will just slightly ask how everyone is doing and just disappear again,” and “Be careful of the cold, for real!”

Lastly, IU said, “I will open the door to my room soon and leave. Just have a glass of juice in the living room and wait for me,” as she promised to actively communicate with her fans online once again soon.