2PM Junho Shares a White Christmas Selca

2PM’s Junho posted a photo of himself and wrote a short a message, “White Christmas. Walking alone at night,” on his Twitter.

In the picture, the background looks peaceful and snow rests on the singer’s head and jacket. Junho is giving a small smile to the camera as well.

Netizens who viewed the picture commented, “The ambience when walking alone at night sure looks good,” “Still, be careful at night~,” “White Christmas is good-good!” and more.

Meanwhile, 2PM finished their concert in Macau on December 22, and its members are currently busy with their own individual work.

Fun fact about Junho: It has also been revealed that Junho is an avid animal-lover and adores cats the most. Singer Lee Hyori, also a passionate lover of animals, praised the singer and his fans on SNS for their donations to the animals’ activist group.