Big Bang Captivates Audience of 50,000 during Fukuoka Dome Concert

Big Bang captivated an audience of 50,000 for their Fukuoka dome concert. The concert was held on December 22 at the Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome and was a part of the group’s “Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan Final in Dome.”

Big Bang gained attention for their tour because they were the first Korean group to perform at all three of Japan’s big domes, which include the Tokyo Dome (held on December 5), Osaka Dome (held on November 23-24), and the Fukuoka Dome (held on December 22).

For the concerts, Big Bang performed their hits such as “Tonight,” and “Fantastic Baby.” They also performed their tracks released in Japan such as “Number One,” “Koe Wo Kikasate,” and “Feeling.” During their encore performances some of the members dressed up in Santa outfits and performed the horse dance for “Gangnam Style.”

Big Bang’s Japanese tour will end with its January 12-13 Osaka Dome concert. Then on January 25-27, Big Bang will hold their “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour the Final” concerts in Seoul.