Girls’ Generation’s Gorgeous Sooyoung Poses for Bazaar

On December 6, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung posed for the French clothing brand “Isabel Marant” at its store open party.

With her lean body, Sooyoung showed off professional poses in the new 2013 S/S season collection. Unlike her usual lovely and girly image, Sooyoung was able to display her mature and feminine side.

After the photoshoot, Sooyoung stated at an interview, “I like outfits that are casual but also unusual. I don’t really like uncomfortable cloth like tight pants or kill-heels.

Sooyoung continued, “I have always like clothes by ‘Isable Marant’ because they are comfortable and feminine at the same time. They are also easy to match with different accessories, and can be worn anywhere. It suits me so perfectly I always have wondered about who the designer is.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be releasing their forth official album “I Got a Boy” on January 1, 2013.