IVY and Hwang Jung Eum Hold a Bazaar to Help the Needy

IVY and Hwang Jung Eum set off to hold an end-of-the-season beneficence.  

On December 26, in Seoul near Itaewon ‘Meat Packing’ restaurant, the two held a bazaar fair.  The proceeds collected from this event are to go to charity.

IVY and Hwang Jung Eum donated their clothes, shoes, and cosmetics received from donations and sold them at reasonable prices.  They also went out to the bazaar fair in person to sell various goods while taking photos with fans and spending quality time.

Prior to the event, IVY posted on her blog some items she would sell at the bazaar.  “I’m not sure what kind of things Miss Jung Eum would bring but I am taking off shoes from my shoe rack at the moment.  I took out many items from my shoe rack and closet.  Please come join us.”

Starting in January, IVY will be appearing on KBSImmortal Song.” Hwang Jung Eum is currently taking a break after ending “Full House Take 2.”