Park Sin Hye Explains the Severity of Her Car Accident

Actress Park Sin Hye recently starred in SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart” and briefly shared about her car accident.

“Our car rotated 160 degrees and the four tires were gone. The inner side of my ear and face were deeply scratched against the seatbelt I was wearing. I had 12 stitches in total.”

Park Sin Hye continued, “I had tense muscles so I couldn’t move for awhile, but I thought I was okay. But the next day, I couldn’t move at all. I had hard time dealing with the aftershock. The doctors did a fine job that no stitch marks were left on my body, yet I couldn’t continue filming because my body wouldn’t listen! The drama producer felt terrible. He said he felt like he was aiming a gun at me instead of a camera. He felt guilty because he knew how injured I was. I cried a lot too.”

Netizens who heard the news commented, “Park Sin Hye is one of the most beautiful actresses I know. I hope you will get better soon!” “She is young, kind and professional,” and “She always smiles regardless! Such a wonderful person!”