JYJ’s Jaejoong Releases Teaser Video for New Solo Album

Along with the generous donation from his fans, we previously reported that Kim Jaejoong of group JYJ will release a new solo mini-album in January. On December 25 his company, C-JES Entertainment, uploaded a video on their official Youtube channel as a teaser of what the album will be like.

In the video Kim Jaejoong is at a studio, recording for his new solo album. Also in the video is Kim Ba Da, vocalist for Korean rock group Sinawe. Alternating between clips shots of Kim Jaejoong passionately singing and the two singers seriously looking over their work, the video not only lets viewers hear bits of the song but also see what goes behind the scenes.

Kim Jaejoong looks handsome as always with his distinct facial features and soft brown hair. His voice is coarser than in the ballads fans may be used to but he executes the long and powerful notes like a rocker.

According to JYJ official facebook, Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini-album will be released on January 17.

Check out the video below!