Narsha Poses for Pictures with Two Cute Girls

Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls released a picture of herself with a child model named Christina.

On December 26, Narsha posted two pictures on her Twitter. The photos had the captions, “Wishing all the best to Nepal with Christina” and “Christina’s cute little sister… Awww.. such a cutie pie.”

In the second picture, Narsha poses with two cute little girls. She wraps her arm around the girls making them feel loved.

Fans of Narsha posted online comments such as, “Such cuties!” “She looks like she really loves the kids. I think its time for her to get married” and “The three of them look so good together.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls held their “Tonight 37.2” concert on December 24 and 25, which was held at Banpo Central City Millennium Hall in Seoul.