DBSK Writes a Beautiful Thank You Letter for Fans!

DBSK wrote a thank you letter to commemorate their 9th anniversary since their debut. The written letter which contained a picture and autographs was posted on the official DBSK website on December 26.

Yunho wrote, “Wow it’s now been 9 years. I think it is more meaningful because it is the day after Christmas. Let us continue as we have before, protecting these precious moments. We are always thankful. We love you also.”

Changmin wrote, “It’s already been 9 years now. Thank you always everyone. Let’s protect each other and be happy.”

Pictures were also shown of the different gifts that fans gave DBSK in order to commemorate this anniversary.

Recently, on December 22 DBSK travelled to China with f(x) and Zhang Li Yin in order to perform at the Sichuan Satellite 2013 New Year concert. The concert will be broadcast through Sichuan Satellite TV on December 31.