SHINee’s Taemin Takes “Flower Boy” Picture with Kim Won Jun

Singer and original “flower boy” Kim Won Jun and SHINee’s maknae Taemin took a group picture together.

On December 27, Kim Won Jun put up a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “SHINee’s Taemin & Won Joon collaboration – SBS Special Performance – 2012.12.29”

In the black and white picture, Kim Won Jun (to Taemin’s left), Taemin, and others pose together for a friendly group picture at a recording studio. Kim Won Jun and Taemin look like handsome brothers, despite the fact that there is a twenty year age difference between the two. In Korean age, Kim Won Jun is forty years old. Taemin looks adorable with his pout and one hand flashing a peace sign.

Netizens also noticed the “flower boy” pair. “Is Kim Won Jun a vampire? He doesn’t seem to age at all!” “Kim Won Jun is undoubtedly a flower boy,” and “Taemin has become a man” were some of the comments.