Song Joong Ki “I Want to Rest Until the New Year”

Song Joong Ki stated that he would like to rest until the beginning of next year.

On the afternoon of December 27, the main leads of movie “Wolf Boy” Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young appeared on SBS Power FM (107.7MHz) ‘Two o’ clock Escape Cul2 Show’ and expressed their future plans.

Song Joong Ki expressed his wishes of taking a break, “I am greedy about work but would like to get some rest until the beginning of next year.”

On the other hand, Park Bo Young mentioned news that she may star in another movie.

Song Joong Ki also stated “Since I am a human being, there was a time when I was not as popular.” He also said, “I can’t drink that much,” and the actor talked honestly about some of his personal traits which attracted much attention.