Photo of Taecyeon’s Wild Birthday Party Released

Recently, a photo of Taecyeon’s birthday party was revealed.

On December 27, 2AM’s member Jo Kwon uploaded a photo along with a short message, “Happy Birthday, Taecyeon.”

In the picture is 2PM’s member Taecyeon at his recent birthday party. Taecyeon is standing in front of the restaurant workers cleaning up the tables, and he wearing a simple all-black outfit and a matching hat. He has a good part of his birthday cake on his face and is gazing at the camera silently. He appears to be in shock and at a loss for words. Based on his state, it is clear that Taecyeon’s party was a wild one.

Meanwhile, Taecyeon celebrated his 24th birthday on December 27, 2012. He was born on December 27, 1988.