Adorable Pictures of T-ara Members in Japan Released

Recently, photos of group T-ara members in the train Shinkansen were released by their agency. They were on their way to Osaka for the fan meeting on December 27, 2012. They had just finished the fan meetings on Tokyo on December 25 and 26.

In the pictures are the states of each member in the train. Eunjung, Jiyeon, Boram, and Soyeon are sleeping deeply, while the youngest Areum is reading a book. On the other hand, Hyomin and Qri are playing a mobile game on their cell phones.

T-ara members look relaxed in these pictures. They also added cute captions and images, making the photos look adorable.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be returning to Korea on December 28, 2013 at 11:20AM local time.