Kim Ah Joong’s Sexy Dance Moves Wows Netizens

Kim Ah Joong finally shows off her sexy dance moves again. This past June was the last time we saw a clip of Kim Ah Joong’s sexy dance performance. At that time, her practice performance video drew a lot of attention from fans.

Namoo Actors revealed a new video clip of her practicing a dance performance to Beyonce‘s song for an upcoming fan meeting in Japan.

Kim Ah Joong’s dance movements are considered to be as good as any other girl dancers out there today. Even though Kim Ah Joong was dancing beside professional female dancers in the video, she didn’t look out of place at all and stood her ground. Everyone who saw her dance moves were very impressed.

Bloggers were fascinated to see the new video and commented, “I am so glad see her dance again,” “She looks so sexy when she dances” and “Her dancing skills will be a hot topic if she performs it at the music awards ceremony.”