Secret to Restart Activities and Hold Collaboration Performance with B.A.P

The girl group Secret which recently went through a car accident will begin their activities once again beginning on December 28.

Their agency TS Entertainment stated, “Secret will restart their activities through their performance at the 2012 KBS Music Awards. It has been 17 days since the car accident.” Also, Secret will be performing on December 29 through the 2012 SBS Music Awards and on December 31 through the 2012 MBC Music Awards.

A representative of TS Entertainment added, “Secret plans on having collaboration performances with B.A.P for two of the music awards. They will help fill the empty spot due to Zinger’s absence. People have continued to express their desire to see TS Entertainment singers have a collaboration performance like other agencies, we finally have the chance to make that dream come true.”

Secret’s unfortunate car accident occurred on December 11.