Ji Chang Wook Chooses Song Hye Gyo over YoonA As His Ideal Type

Actor Ji Chang Wook recently declared that Song Hye Gyo was the girl of his dreams.

On December 27, the actor made a guest appearance on SBS’sGood Morning,” where he participated in an “Ideal Type World Cup” He had to choose between various beautiful women in the entertainment industry in a head to head competition to determine his ideal type. It came down to the final two, where Ji Chang Wook was asked to pick between actress Song Hye Gyo and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.

After selecting Song Hye Gyo, Ji Chang Wook explained, “My ideal woman would be someone who can make me feel comfortable, has a sense of humor similar to my own, and can hold interesting conversations. I think I fancy the cutesy type.” He couldn’t resist a shy smile as he confessed this.

Some familiar names that Ji Chang Wook could have picked were: Yuna Kim, Wang Ji Hye, YoonA and Jin Se Yeon