f(x) Victoria and Krystal Hugs a Column Together

On December 28, f(x) Amber tweeted, “Work hard, play hard. (She wrote it again in Korean).” Accompanying the twitter post is a picture of fellow members Victoria and Krystal hugging a column. They managed to cling on to the middle of it by grabbing on to each other.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I want to take those two home with the column, as they are! So Cute!” “It looks nice because the two of them are supporting each other on the column!” “This picture is so fresh.

Recently f(x) participated in the 2013 Sichuan Satellite New year’s Concert held in China. They were accompanied by Zhang Li Yin and DBSK. The concert will be broadcast on December 31 via Sichuan Satellite TV.