Baek Ji Young Reveals “Don’t Like It” Video Teaser

On December 28, Loen Entertainment released a video teaser of Baek Ji Young‘s newest track “Don’t Like It,” featuring Yiruma drawing much attention.

This teaser holds a fantasy-like realm with a cold yet mysterious tone. Baek Ji Young’s dreamy appearance and Yiruma’s piano playing is remarkable.

In the video, Baek Ji Young is sitting in a chair, wearing a big poofy dress, singing with a sorrowful expression. Yiruma is hoisted on a merry-go-round playing the piano in a magician’s suit, depicting a world of magic.

Having received lots of interest from the start because of the announced collaboration, “Don’t Like It” deeply illustrates the sad and hurtful times of when one parts ways with a loved one. Baek Ji Young delivers the song quite emotionally.

In this song, the reverse piano melodically paints the feeling of rewinding everything back to the first time. The song is crafted beautifully with the incorporation of strings and increasing tension, filled with sophisticated rhythms. It is revealed that Yiruma composed and wrote the lyrics of the song for Baek Ji Young, himself.

Earlier, on December 26, a teaser photo was also publicized, highlighting the singer’s natural-look.

Moreover, Baek Ji Young’s new single, “Don’t Like It”, is set to be released on January 3, 2013.