FT Island and CNBlue Donate 20 Tons of Rice to the Needy!

FT Island and CNBlue sent out a letter of love towards the needy. The members of both groups, along with their fans, recently donated 20 tons of rice. As shown below, both FT Island and CNBlue members wrote the letters themselves.

Through their agency, FT Island and CNBlue stated, “Although it is only a small expression of our hearts, we hope that it will be of some assistance to the needy. In the new year, we hope that all of our neighbors only have happy things happen. We would like to give hope to people through our music.”

Meanwhile, CNBlue will release a new song on January 14, and it will be their comeback in South Korea. FT Island will continue with their Asia tour concert “TAKE FTISLAND” amd will be performing next in Shanghai on January 19.