Top 11 Gangnam Style Parodies!

In 2012, the biggest K-Pop event was the popularity of Gangnam Style. I felt that it was only proper we end this year with a collection of Gangnam Style parodies. I hope you enjoy!

1.Deadpool vs Gangnam Style

Deadpool is a character from the Marvel Universe. (X-Men, Spiderman, the Hulk, and Ironman etc.) Even if you don’t know anything about Deadpool, something about this clip is very endearing and hilarious.


2. Mitt Romney Style

This one was so ridiculous! You can tell that they put a lot of effort to make this one! (Mitt Romney was the 2012 U.S. Republican Presidential Candidate running against President Obama)



3. Ai Wei Wei Style

This is from the famous Ai Wei Wei who is an artist of many talents. This video is so far-fetched and he is so crazy!


4. Gangam Style Hurricane Sandy

Haha, the contrast between the seriousness involving the impending Hurricane Sandy and two kids dancing to Gangnam Style is priceless.



5. Gangnam Style Holiday Lights

This house always amazes me. It must take so much work, but the end results of these projects are always so cool!


6. Farmer Style

This one was great. I never thought somebody would mix Gangnam Style and farming. Brilliant!


7. Miss Korea Style


8. Hitler Style (Downfall film remix)

AHAHAHAAH so wrong, but so funny! This clip is a remix of moments from the film Downfall, which like its namesake is about the downfall of Hitler.


9. Inmate Style

Whenever this institution comes up with a new choreography I am always amazed.

10. Nerdy Style

This one is for all the nerds out there. REPRESENT!


11. Mommy’s Gangnam Style

This one really warmed my heart because of the mother-son combination, and also the impressive skills of the mother!

12. PSY Reacts to Parodies

Here is the man himself talking about his reaction to parodies of Gangnam Style!

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