G.NA and FT Island’s Jong Hoon Go on a Date

A picture of solo singer G.NA and FT Island leader Jong Hoon looking excited to go on a date has been shared online recently.

On the December 30 broadcast of tvN’s “The Romantic & Idol,” the K-Pop idol contestants met for a first date for the second season of the show.

Park Sung Jae, the producer of the show, said, “After watching the first season of the show, the new idols met with excitement and anticipation for this second season. The romantic and sweet atmosphere of the first season has been upgraded in this second season. The dates in the second season will be more exciting and realistic.”

“The Romantic & Idol” is the spinoff of the popular dating reality show “The Romantic,” where contestants go on a nine night, ten day trip to form couples. The K-Pop idol second season stars G.NA, Jewelry’s Yae Won, SPICA’s Yang Ji Won, and Two X’s Eun Young Yi as the female members. The male members include FT Island’s Jong Hoon, B2B’s Min Hyuk, ZE:A’s Kevin, and VIXX’s N. There is hot anticipation for this reality dating show.

The idols went on a three night, four day trip to Jeju Island, where they were able to date one another. In the show, the contestants would show their interest to one another at midnight on a section called “Midnight – Room of Truth.” Once the couples were formed, the idols would go on dates and complete missions like “Reenact Movie Scenes.”

The first season of “The Romantic & Idol” starred stars like 2PM’s Jun.K, MBLAQ’s Mir, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun, and Rainbow’s Oh Seung Ah among others.