KARA’s Gyuri Shares a Barbie Doll Selca

KARA’s Gyuri posted a selca on her Twitter and wrote, “Only one more end of the year performance left. With one last show of ‘Pandora,’ I will spend a happy end of the year!”

In the picture, Gyuri seems to be wearing a red-colored suit with a jewel-embroidered hat, and is waiting to get up on stage. With her blond hair and peach-colored porcelain skin, her face looked brighter than ever and showed what a true barbie looks like.

Netizens who saw the picture wrote, “The performance was great,” “Gyuri looks so good in this fancy outfit,” and “Until she opens her mouth and talks, everybody would mistake her for a doll.”

On January 6, KARA will open their private concert “KARASIA 2013 Happy New Year” in Tokyo, Japan.