Rainbow’s Go Woori Is in Shock Due to Failed Perm

Rainbow member Go Woori revealed a set of selcas that showed her comical and shocked face due to her failed perm.

On Decemver 28, Go Woori posted a couple of photos along with a message on her me2day. In the first photo, Go Woori is smiling as she is getting her hair done. However, instead of her long and beautiful straight hair, she received tight curls. These curls look like the ones sported usually by older women. In the second photo, Go Woori pulls a shocked expression, as if to show her despair from her “failed perm.”

Following the photos, she posted the message, “What do I do about this hair style? Teacher, please take these curls out quickly,” making many people laugh.

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “She looks good even with that hair” and “Her facial expression is priceless.”